Edited Volumes

Trust in Epistemology
Routledge, 2020

Applied Ontology: An Introduction
(edited under the name Katherine Munn), with Barry Smith, De Gruyter, 2008


Gatekeeping in Science: Lessons from the Case of Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
with Bruce Grimley, Social Epistemology, 2024
pre-print available here

Epistemic Phariseeism
Religious Studies 59, 2023
pre-print available here

Rational Faith. How Faith Construed as Trust Does, and Does Not, Go Beyond Our Evidence
The Monist 106(1), 2023
pre-print available here

Loving Truly: An Epistemic Account of the Doxastic Norms of Love
Synthese 200(218), 2022

True Faith: Against Doxastic Partiality about Faith (in God and Religious Communities) and in Defense of Evidentialism
Australasian Philosophical Review 5(1), 2021
[invited target article published with comments and replies]

The Doxastic Norms of Faith: Reply to Commentators
Australasian Philosophical Review 5(1), 2021

Digital Whiplash: The Case of Surveillance
Human Affairs 30(4), 2020

Epistemic Self-Trust: It’s Personal
Episteme, 2020

The Epistemic Benefits of Religious Disagreement
Religious Studies 56(3), 2019
pre-print available here

Does Epistemic Humility Threaten Religious Beliefs?
Journal of Psychology and Theology 46(4), 2018
pre-print available here

Disagreement from the Religious Margins
Res Philosophica 95(3), 2018
pre-print available here
[Runner-Up, Res Philosophica Essay Prize, New Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion]

Resolving Religious Disagreements: Evidence and Bias
Faith and Philosophy 35(1), 2018

Evidence-Seeking as an Expression of Faith
The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 92(3), 2018
pre-print available here

Epistemic Authority: Preemption or Proper Basing?
Erkenntnis 83(4), 2018

Argument from Personal Narrative
Res Philosophica 3(93), 2016

Religious Evidentialism
European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 5(2), 2013
[Winner, Paternoster Young Philosopher of Religion Prize, 2010]

Functional Anatomy: a Taxonomic Proposal
with Ingvar Johansson et al., Acta Biotheoretica, 2005
pre-print available here


Disagreement and Religious Practice
Routledge Handbook of Disagreement, ed. Maria Baghramian, Adam Carter, Richard Rowland, Routledge,
pre-print available here

The Dialogue in the Book of Job: Perspectives for a Successful Religious Dialogue [in German: “Der Dialog im Buch Hiob: Perspektiven für einen gelingenden religiösen Dialog”] How dialogues work. Conversation skills and epistemic responsibility [German: Wie Dialoge gelingen. Gesprächsfähigkeit und epistemische Verantwortung], ed. Andreas Koritensky, Margit Wasmaier-Sailer, Veronika Weidner. Herder Verlag, 2023
pre-print available here

Religious Disagreement
Cambridge Handbook of Religious Epistemology, ed. Jonathan Fuqua, John Greco, Tyler Dalton McNabb, Cambridge University Press, 2023
pre-print available here

The Loyalty of Religious Disagreement
Religious Disagreement and Pluralism, ed. Matthew Benton, Jonathan Kvanvig, Oxford University Press, 2021
pre-print available here

Intellectual Humility and Epistemic Trust
Routledge Handbook of Humility, ed. Mark Alfano, Michael Lynch, Alessandra Tanesini, Routledge, 2020
pre-print available here

Exploitative Epistemic Trust
Trust in Epistemology, ed. Katherine Dormandy, Routledge, 2020
pre-print available here

Introduction: An Overview of Trust and Some Key Epistemological Applications
Trust in Epistemology, ed. Katherine Dormandy, Routledge, 2020
pre-print available here

In Abundance of Counsellors There Is Victory: Reasoning about Public Policy from a Religious Viewpoint
Religious Truth and Identity in an Age of Plurality, ed. Peter Jonkers, Oliver Wiertz, Routledge, 2020
pre-print available here

Introduction to Part II: The Epistemic Consequences of Religious Diversity
Religious Truth and Identity in an Age of Plurality, ed. Peter Jonkers, Oliver Wiertz, Routledge, 2020
pre-print available here

Evidentialism (in German: Evidentialismus)
Handbook of Epistemology (in German: Handbuch der Erkenntnistheorie), ed. Martin Grajner, Guido Melchior, Metzler, 2019
pre-print available here

An Approach to the Problem of Evil (in German: Ein Zugang zum Problem des Leids)
Faith and Rationality (in German: Glaube und Rationalität. Gibt es gute Gründe für den (A)theismus?), ed. Romy Jaster, Peter Schulte, Mentis, 2019
pre-print available here

The Epistemology of Religious Plurality and Religious Disagreement (in German: ‘Die Erkenntnistheorie der religiösen Vielfalt und des religiösen Dissenses’)
Handbook of Analytic Philosophy of Religion (in German: Handbuch Analytische Religionsphilosophie. Akteure – Diskurse – Perspektiven), ed. Klaus Viertbauer, Georg Gasser, Metzler, 2019
pre-print available here

The Rationality of Religious Belief (in German: Die Rationalität Religiöser Überzeugungen)
Handbook of Analytic Theology (in German: Handbuch für Analytische Theologie), ed. Georg Gasser, Ludwig Jaskolla, Thomas Schärtl, Aschendorff, 2017
pre-print available here

Doctrine or Discourse? Does Religious Disagreement Promote Knowledge? (in German: Doktrin oder Diskurs? Fördern religiöse Verschiedenheiten die Erkenntnis der Wahrheit?)
Faith and Politics in a Pluralistic World
(in German: Glaube und Politik in einer pluralen Welt), ed. Monika Datterl, Wilhelm Guggenberger, Claudia Paganini, Innsbruck University Press, 2017
pre-print available here

Introduction: What is Ontology For?
Applied Ontology: An Introduction, ed. Barry Smith, De Gruyter, 2013
pre-print available here

Counterfactual-Peer Disagreement
Epistemology: Contexts, Values, Disagreement, ed. Christoph Jäger, Winfried Löffler, Ontos, 2012

Functions and Prototypes
Computation, Information, Cognition: The Nexus and the Liminal, ed. Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Susan Stuart, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007

Bodily Systems and the Modular Structure of the Human Body
Medical Ontologies, with Barry Smith and Igor Papakin, ed. Domenico Pisanelli, IOS Press, 2003
pre-print available here